Marion Ironquill Meadmore

Marion Ironquill Meadmore, a member of the Order of Canada, was born on the Peepeekisis First Nation Reserve in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1977. She overcame the inadequacies of her residential school education to graduate from the University of Manitoba and in 1977 was the first First Nations woman to become a lawyer. She has spent a life-time striving to improve the quality of life for Indigenous people and others in Canada.

George Munroe

George Munroe has been a socio-political activist since his teen-age years when he was challenged by a priest at the Fort Alexander, Manitoba, seminary/residential school he attended ‘to name one Indian who has ever done one good thing for his people’. George determined to do everything in his power to prove the priest wrong. His involvement in organizations like the Company of Young Canadians, the Indian/Métis Friendship Centre, and the Manitoba Indian Brotherhood, to name only a few, beginning in the 1960’s and ‘70’s are testament to his commitment.

Raymond Mason

Raymond Mason is a Peguis, Manitoba, activist working on behalf of Indigenous day school survivors who attended government/church run schools and suffered abuse similar to that of residential school students. The Indian Residential School Agreement does not address these students’ plight.  Raymond’s organization, Spirit Wind, Canada, seeks justice and compensation and has launched a class action lawsuit. The contact information is telephone: 204-645-5997 or 204-794-8355, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.